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Evacuated Solar Tube Systems

Wiseliving Evacuated Tube Solar systems  offer high quality and enhanced performance systems with a 15 year warranty on the collector, the longest in Australia.

Hot water accounts for about 40% of energy requirements in the average Australian house. Installing our Evacuated Tube system can reduce those energy costs by up to 90% whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

How It Works

Sunlight passes through the glass outer layer of the tube and onto the specially coated inner glass layer . The two glass layers are separated by a vacuum The heat is then trapped within the  tube. The heat is transferred to the Heat Exchanger via aluminium fin and high performance copper heat pipe . The copper heat pipe contained within the evacuated tube contains a small amount of liquid which travels up the tube to the bulb where it condenses and falls back to the base of the tube .


Platinum Series  &  Centracoil - Versatile Hot water Storage

Platinum Series tanks , including the Centracoil are a stainless steel , mains pressure storage tank with a enormous  variety of applications for Domestic and commercial use use.

Manufactured in Australia from Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel for a long trouble fee life,foam insulated and wrapped in Colourbond steel, they are just as happy sitting outside as they are hidden away in a cupboard, and being a mere 560mm diameter the standard tank can be hidden in most cupboards of 600mm width.

Water is passed through the manifold and across the heat tube bulbs by way of an energy efficient pump that is actuated by an electronic controller, ensuring that the pump only runs when necessary. The hot water produced is then returned to the tank

Solar Tubes are cylindrical in shape which track the sun for longer periods of the day, and at all times of the year and are well suited for frost prone and snow areas and areas of rapid temperature change

These systems are ideally suited to attach to our Wiseliving Centracoil tanks

Wiseliving  Evacuated Tube Systems come in 20 and 30 tubes sizing which addresses most Domestic needs. Larger systems are available on request.

Adjustable roof mounting frames are available for installation on flat or near flat roofs.

All Platinum Series & Centracoil tanks have a 10 year conditional warranty

Platinum Series & Centracoil tanks come in 315l,  250l &  160l sizes

Centracoil tanks have an innovative internal heat exchanger fitted to the tank to allow connection of  a variety of additional heat sources. you can now safely combine low pressure with high pressure, potable domestic water with frost protection chemicals or hydronics with anti corrosion additives.

Centracoil tanks also have the option of a pre fitted header tank to supply the coil for some thermosiphon applications.

Solar Gold - Proper Copper Tanks

Solar Gold Tanks come in a wide range of sizes and configurations to suit most hot water situations.

Solar Gold tanks have been the mainstay for hot water storage for  many years and are an ideal replacement for older style tanks or new builds where water is gravity fed to the house as in some country areas.

All Solar Gold tanks are manufactured from solid copper with an insulating layer and then clad in galvanised steel.

There is a large array of sizes and configurations with many options available to cover most requirements.

Gold solid copper header tanks are also available in a range of sizes from 4l to 45l and come complete with Float valve

Ceiling Models

S- Standard Model

The S Model is the basic form of ceiling model tank and comes with 12l header Tank, Electric element, Tray and Hot water outlet. The Tank contains all potable water

Optional Extras include Stove Connections, Solar Connections, Lower Coil for Glycol Solar or Hydronics, Weatherproofing, Anode

CP- Constant Pressure Model

The CP Model is essentially  the same as the S model with the exception of having a 45l header tank fitted which has a cold water outlet  fitted That would be connected to the shower. The cold water coming from this fitting is the same pressure as the hot water coming from the tank . This enables a balanced flow to showersand prevents the sudden temperature change whe a tap is used elwhere in the house. The tank contains all potable water

Optional extras include Stove Connections, Solar Connections, Lower Coil for Glycol Solar or Hydronics, Weather proofing, Anode

MP- Mains Pressure Model

The MP Model uses the same base as the S model and has a 36m Mains pressure coil fitted

This coil is heated by the main body of water and supplies Mains (or Pump) pressure hot water  to the entire house

Cold water pressure and hot water Pressure are therefore balanced

The MP tank comes prefitted with Solar Connections and Stove Connections, Tray, Electroc Element and 12L header tank

Optional extras include 45l Header Tank, Anode , Weatherproofing

Sanden Eco Heat Pump Systems

An  Innovation in Heat Pump technology, a simple reliable whisper quiet alternative to solar.

Govt subsidies up to 25% still apply.

These system are actually more efficient than solar. We supply and install.

How a Sanden Eco® Plus System Works.

The Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System uses a small amount of energy to move heat from one location

to another. Heat is absorbed by ozone-friendly R744 (CO2), a natural refrigerant which does not contribute to global

warming. As the warm gaseous refrigerant circulates through the system it passes through the compressor, and its

pressure and temperature rises. The hot refrigerant then passes through a heat exchanger which heats the water. The

refrigerant is cycled back into the system, and hot water is pumped to the storage tank.

Why consider an Air-Sourced Hot Water Heat Pump System?

An air-sourced heat pump absorbs heat from the air and transfers it to heat water. It runs on electricity but is roughly three

times more efficient than a conventional electric water heater. It is designed to save energy and money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Why purchase a Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System?

Superior Features and Benefits

Unlike other hot water heat pump systems, the Sanden Eco® Plus system uses a smarter split system where the heat pump unit and stainless steel tank are installed separately.

This allows easy on-site handling and installation, as well as flexibility of the storage tank location, which can be up to15 metres distance horizontally or 5 metres vertically from the heat pump unit.

Heat Pump Unit

Years of worry free hot water - we guarantee it

Every Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System is fully backed by our extended warranties. Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump units feature a 6 year class leading warranty, while the stainless steel storage tank also has a class leading 15 year warranty, providing you with peace of mind.

For full warranty conditions, please refer to

The Sanden warranty applies alongside, and in addition to, any rights or remedies to which you may be entitled under the Australian Consumer Law.

How Sanden delivers better Performance and Savings

Sanden employs superior R744 (CO2) refrigerant technology, so that the amount of electrical energy required to heat the water is significantly less than that required by a conventional electric storage hot water system. In fact, the Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water

Heat Pump System consumes 1kW of electricity to generate 4.5 kW of heat (COP = 5^), which equates to 20% of the energy used by

a conventional electric storage system. Consequently, with the Sanden Eco® Hot Water Heat Pump System, you can save up to 80% of your conventional electric storage hot water energy costs!

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Eco Hot Water Solutions


Solar Hot Water

Hydronic Heating,  Slow Combustion, Gas

Hydronic Central heating

With the ever increasing cost of electricity and gas, combined with the stricter building codes and energy savings now required by governments, hydronic heating using wall hung radiator panels or under floor pipes  in the home and work place is now a popular and realistic alternative.

Hot water powered hydronic central heating, whether it be via in-floor coils or stylish radiator panels is the most wonderful, silent draught free winter warmth available.

Heat is traditionally provided from environmentally sustainable solar or wood fired energy or from natural   gas or LPG .

Developments in electric heat pumps  may also be a viable adjunct in some circumstances.

Heated Towel Rails

Solar~Mio - Thermalux can supply an elegantly simple towel rail that can assist in providing warm dry towels even on those wet winter days. These can be integrated as part of a larger central heating system or a simple stand alone addition.

Radiators can be mounted in the traditional vertical orientation or horizontally to solve difficult installation situations or to suit a contemporary wall space. Radiators and towel rails come standard in a warm white finish and may be fitted with thermostatic flow controls.

Special sizes  are available on request.

Solid Fuel Slow Combustion Boilers and Cookers

Contemporary design wood stoves & boilers provide a natural heat source which is renewable & carbon neutral. Solar~Mio/Thermalux hot water tanks are manufactured to be slow combustion compatible, unlike most water storage systems.

Solar and Slow Combustion Hydronic Integration

All Wise Living heaters, cookers and boilers with hot water heating capability can be successfully combined with efficient, reliable, cost effective Solar Mio solar hot water panel systems or our new range of evacuated tube systems to provide additional domestic  hot water.

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